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They began calling on the intercom outside of the walled-off property. While attempting to reach Simpson inside the home, they saw a white Bronco parked hastily outside the gate. Simpson: No, we’d been to a big affair the night before, and then I came back home. I mean, any time I was…whatever time it took me to get to the recital and back, to get to the flower shop and back, I mean, that’s the time I was out of the house.

Ronald was stabbed multiple times including five puncture or ‘taunting’ type wounds indicating that he may have been tortured before his murder. After securing the scene and making a cursory walk-through, the detectives knew it was time to inform the closest family members. They decided that famous ex-NFL star running back, O. Simpson, must be the first to be informed of his ex-wife’s murder partly because they knew he would be concerned for his children, who were now in custody of the police, but mostly because, well, he was “The Juice”. Simpson: About…the limo was supposed to be there at . I was rushing around — somewhere between there and 11. Simpson: Eleven o’clock, yea, somewhere in that area. The officers arrived at the Simpson home and noticed several cars in the driveway and lights on in the house. What time did you leave last night, leave the house? // December 27th, 2012 // Strange On June 13, 1994, a couple in Los Angeles were puzzled after their dog, a small white Akita, returned home with blood on his paws. Simpson: Ah, the first time probably by the mailbox. The couple took the dog back outside and followed it as it led them directly to a neighbor’s home – Nicole Simpson. I’m trying to think, or did I bring it in the driveway? Lange: Where did you park yesterday for the last time, do you remember?

Peering inside the gate they could see Nicole’s lifeless body lying on the private sidewalk that led to her front door. Normally, I will park it by the mailbox, sometimes…

When officers from the LAPD arrived on the scene, they discovered a second body which was later identified as Ronald Goldman.

The four responding officers – Phillip Vannatter, Ronald Phillips, Tom Lange, and Mark Fuhrman, locked down the scene and began searching the premises. Normally, I have a regular driver I drive with and converse.

In an upstairs bedroom, Nicole and OJ’s children were found safe and had apparently slept through the entire ordeal. No, just about rushing to the airport, about how I live my life on airplanes, and hotels, that type of thing.

It was immediately clear to the officers that this was no ordinary robbery or rape attempt – this was a rage killing.

Nicole’s neck was cut from ear to ear and her head was nearly severed from her body.

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