Ryan dating sandra bullock

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Ryan dating sandra bullock - Online sex

I'm glad that it made people laugh, but shooting it was odd.There are things stuck to it and generally you don't have things stuck to it.

Then you got unstuck and oddly we didn't care because we were so tired.Ryan Reynolds says working with Sandra Bullock is something he'd been wanting to do for quite a while, and it was all just a matter of waiting for the perfect opportunity to team up in a comedy.That opportunity presented itself with The Proposal, a romantic comedy that finds Bullock playing Reynolds' boss who's on the verge of deportation.In order to stay in the United States, she fakes a relationship with her underling.Although Bullock had pretty much sworn off films of the romantic comedy ilk, both she and Reynolds believed with The Proposal they'd at last found the right project to do together.And at a press conference in LA in support of the Touchstone Pictures release, Bullock and Reynolds - both married - demonstrated they have good chemistry both on and off the screen. I mean, literally when you read it on the page you saw it and then you realized, ' Okay, there's no way to shoot this unless you're buck naked.' Then I went, ' Go to the gym.

That nude scene was very bold and you looked fantastic. At length."Ryan Reynolds: "In great detail."Sandra Bullock: "Sadly, my first and last nude scene got laughs. Cut out the carbs.' When it's funny though, if it turned out funny it was worth it.

Sandra Bullock: "Thank you for that." Can you talk about... But while we were shooting it, it was supposed to be Betty [White] and I naked.

She has in her contract that she only does nude scenes with like Ryan.

Anne [Fletcher] was like, ' Your vagina is hanging out.

Cover it up.' I go, ' Sorry, sorry.' I said the word." Ryan Reynolds: "I will not say vagina, no matter what.

The weird part is calling your mom nude, like, ' Hey, just checking in.'"Sandra Bullock: "Oscar [Nunez] had to show his man vagina in a little banana hammock."You've done a few of these romantic comedies before. They're not funny and so they shouldn't be a romantic comedy because most of the time they're not romantic.

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