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And thanks to El Niño, and this winter’s particularly heavy swell activity, the rarely seen rock formations have been revealed on multiple occasions.

They responded from their home in Arizona:“These, again, have been in the news recently as a new discovery. They are regularly exposed when the waves are high, usually when they are higher than 20 feet, regularly ‘rediscovered.’ They were made with deliberate intention and execution and are not ‘doodles’ or done superfluously.”The Keiki Beach petroglyphs appear to show a man with a strong build and a woman with pointy hair.Besides humans, dogs are often depicted in the rock drawings.Dogs were highly regarded in ancient Hawaiian culture – not for their companionship, but for their meat. But because the drawings are so rarely seen, little is known about them.And the Stasack family hopes that the public will respect the petroglyphs like they’re expected to respect the land and native people when they’re in Hawaii.“This site receives enough damage with the yearly erosive action of the waves,” the Stasacks insisted.“They must be treated with the same high level of respect and regard with which they were created.” Nature once again appears to display an insightful delight on the history of humankind and that of the ancient Hawaiian past.buried beneath 10 feet of sand, lies a slab of lava rock that bears a glimpse into the lives of the ancient Hawaiians.

And occasionally, under the right conditions, that volcanic hunk of rock will provide a fleeting history lesson.

Petroglyphs are a form of ancient art or storytelling made by carvings in rock.

In Hawaii, the natives used the islands’ abundant lava rock as their canvas.

These Petroglyphs artist, seem to enjoy the peek a boo aspect of allowing us to learn about them on their own mystic time frame. Funny too, I thought the Hodgsons went back to Florida long ago.

Lastly, dogs were revered companions as well as delicious food to pre and post contact Hawaiians. Not to diminish the Stasack's knowledge but the statement that these particular petroglyphs were not superfluously created is pure conjecture.

This particular area used to have copious amounts of wai flowing from the Ko`olau and prior to cultivation diversion the area could have been regularly exposed by fresh water.

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