Im dating when im not suppose to

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“Where boys?”
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Im dating when im not suppose to - Sex Chat

But my mom says we cant afford to go to the beach, cause we're poor lol. I think the only thing im excited about doing is getting clothes for school.maybe being in school will help pass the time till my birthday. I love you all more than I could begin to tell you, and I hope you could find it in your heart to forgive me for being a bitch. For some reason I want to go iceskating....sure why but just kind of do, ya know?Laguna beach premiers tonight, sad to say im actually kind of excited...maybe because I have nothing better to do tonight! I also want to see Coach Carter and Finding Never Land and that other movie I forgot the name of. bye ugh things right now are just so incredibly stressful right now.

Im looking forward to my siblings moving back and me having my house to myself and my sister not coming back till December ( i know everyone thinks im like the worst sister ever but im really not) maybe I would feel different if she hadent of stolen 20 dollars from me today, that bitch.Anyways, I really need to go get some clothes for back to school, but being without a car kind of puts me in a disadvantage.1 months 9 days.I finally got the beach trip ive been longing for all summer, ever though its on October..its better than nothing.The Wednesday of fall break we are leaving for our beach house in Seaside, then going to a tournament in Pensacola. Thanks for everyones encouragement it really meant a lot to me.Even though it means I cant go to Gaitlinburg with Amanda :(Car shopping went okay, I guess in reality I cant get an stuck with a car. Well this weekend went but way to fast but I must say I had a good time, learned a lot!But oh well I think once I turn 16 ill be happy with anything! I cant go to sleep, this kind of sucks because I have to wake up very early tomorrow...go to school, which too, also sucks! (which is always good of course)Soccer officially starts next week!

Registration was lame, I waited in line for EEVVVEEER! It seems like everyone is out of town, or at the beach or something...uggh! But Dennis wasnt so bad, we still had two big ole' trees fall down, but it could have been worse. Things are goood, school starts soon which is boo boo, and im not looking forward to it. I havent been able to sleep a lot lately, which is strange. I feel like I havent done anything this summer, just kind of sat around like the lazy bum I am. Okay guys, for everyone that I have hurt, or pissed off, and said something mean to, or was just bitchy towards... I wish that you could understand how sorry I am, and how much this is bothering me. I feel like I havent seen anyone in forever....maybe cause I havent! Kaleighs great.yeah thats about it.( yeah I realized I spelled her name wrong on my last update )OH. woooo im excited because im sick of working out, I would much rather be on the field anyways!

Only to realize my schedule to completely screwed up and not to mention really hard. lol I would post my scehdual and whatnot, but I know they are going to be changing a lot so I guess we will just have to wait and see! whoooo im excited, I felt so good after practice last night...I know, but at least I have something to do tonight. I want to get out of here so bad, haha I know that sounds awful but I just kind of want to get out of Birmingham for a few days..know? Hurricane Emily is coming next so everyone watch out! I just hope its sunny at least a week before we start... I wish I could get a job, I wanna work at Rogers... I know that this probably wont make up for remotely anything but it was worth a try. And I got this exciting letter from this Florida Soccer Training thing that they want me to go to and i was excited I get a chance to go!

Well the first day back was actually kind of fun I guess, I loved all of my classes and had them with a lot of people. I had to get it changed because of soccer and the messed up my entire schedual. And of course to top it off with our first game of the season, with 2 weeks of practice in.....great, just great.

What a bummer, not only does school start this week, we have team camp right after school ALL WEEK LONG!

Comment and tell me all about it 3 days left of summer guys....sad does that sound??

Im actually looking forward to school in a sense but then again...not.

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