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“Where boys?”
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Anyone who has online dated knows that what you see isn’t always what you get. One dating site is trying to fix this reality, one offensive suggestion at a time.

“When you first see a woman without makeup on, you might be a little surprised.Sources close to Rihanna tell us, the singer did meet Darren last month in Honolulu -- while she was promoting her new film "Battleship" -- but they kept things strictly platonic.We're told Darren -- who was WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND -- introduced himself to Rihanna as a fan ...and Rihanna bought Darren and his GF drinks on the beach. But that doesn't mean Rihanna can't support her new pal -- which might explain why the singer wore a Raiders jersey to a New York strip club last week.Your first reaction might be ‘oh, she looks better with makeup.’ But that’s only because we see makeup all the time. Of course, the site’s millionaire ladies don’t to post a photo sans makeup—though users who do are rewarded with a special “makeup free” badge on their profile. ) “Women have the option not to put up a makeup-free selfie,” Shuster said, “but why not make an effort to verify what that person Meanwhile, men have been given the option to keep on being men.They’re still free to wear hats and sunglasses in their photos, glob on buckets of hair gel, get spray tans, dye greying locks, wear baggy shirts to cover up beer bellies, and sport slick suits to hide wooly-mammoth body hair.

Not only does the “true selfie” feature create a double standard—women are expected to show all their cards, while men aren’t—but it also reinforces the pressure that’s placed on women and their appearance. Age gracefully, but keep the wrinkles out of sight. Luckily, Millionaire got the memo and says they’re trying to right the wrong.

Women are supposed to look like a supermodel, but not wear make-up. “I think we need a beauty verification for men, too, so you know what they really look like” Shuster said.

“I just haven’t figured out how to do it.” He says it will probably involve a man’s weight.

“Some guys say they’re an ‘athletic build,’ but then you meet them, and they are 40 pounds overweight,” he said.

“Women aren’t attracted to that.” Who knew millionaires could be so shallow?

she's NOT dating Raiders running back Darren Mc Fadden -- despite reports the two were spotted making out in Hawaii a couple weeks ago.

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