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Hot or Not is a rating site that allows users to rate the attractiveness of photos submitted voluntarily by others.

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The site was founded in October 2000 by James Hong and Jim Young, two friends and Silicon Valley-based engineers. The site was a technical solution to a disagreement they made one day over a passing woman's attractiveness. Within a week of launching, it had reached almost two million page views per day.On July 31, 2008, Hot or Not launched Hot or Not Gossip and a Baresi rate box (a "hot meter") – a subdivision to expand their market, run by former radio DJ turned celebrity blogger Zack Taylor.Hot or Not was preceded by the rating sites Rate My Face, which was registered a year earlier in the summer of 1999, and Am, which was registered in January 2000 by MIT freshman Daniel Roy.Regardless, despite any head starts of its predecessors, Hot or Not quickly became the most popular.Since Am IHot Or's launch, the concept has spawned many imitators.Both graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in electrical engineering, with Young pursuing a Ph. Within a few months, the site was immediately behind CNET and NBCi on Net Nielsen Rating's Top 25 advertising domains.

To keep up with rising costs Hong and Young added a matchmaking component to their website called "Meet Me at Hot or Not", i.e. The matchmaking service has been especially successful and the site continues to generate most of its revenue through subscriptions.

In the December 2006 issue of Time magazine, the founders of You Tube stated that they originally set out to make a version of Hot or Not with Video before developing their more inclusive site.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook similarly got his start by creating a Hot or Not type site called Face Mash, where he posted photos from Harvard's Facebook for the university's community to rate.

The concept always remained the same, but the subject matter varied greatly.

The concept has also been integrated with a wide variety of dating and matchmaking systems.

In 2007 Because Im launched and deleted anyone with a rating below 7 after a voting audit or the first 50 votes (whichever is first).

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